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4 Fun and Stylish Party Ideas for Your Next Big Event

"Instagram worthy" is a phrase that gets thrown around a lot right now to describe many things - from lunches to events - but what does it really mean? What the big deal if something is or isn't 'Instagram worthy'?

In truth, to be worthy of Instagram just means to be visually appealing. Whether it be a design aesthetic or a full-on dress-up party vibe, making sure your event earns the Instagram-worthy label, and stands out in people's feeds, can be a tricky prospect.

Your Stylish Party Theme Ideas
To ensure your next party or event is as worthy of Instagram - perhaps even its own hashtag! - as can be, we've come up with fives ideas to get you in the mood to party. Dressing up is fully encouraged, and don't forget the catering and the décor to really set the event apart!

A Night At The Movies
There's nothing quite like the glitz and glamor of the red carpet and the silver screen. Why not throw your guests an amazing movie-night to remember? Pull out all the stops: get in a big projector, a red carpet, and maybe even some professional bartenders, such as those available at, to whip up a set of specialty cocktails. Bring back the glamor days and enjoy a movie-themed party. Bonus points if everyone dresses as their favorite character from cinema's golden era.

TV Time
If it's not the glitz and glamor of the movies, it's trashy TV. Why not bring your friends and family together for a reality TV-themed party? Get in exotic foods for their very own bushtucker trials, or even play a bit of matchmaker Bachelor style? In Europe, parties to watch the Eurovision Song Contest are popular across the continent and give everyone an excuse to paint their county's flags on their cheeks and laugh at the truly awful entries year on year.

A Night at The Circus
Who doesn't like the magic and mysticism of the circus? OK, you may not be able to put on your very own circus in your backyard, but why not give the kids (and the adults) the task of becoming circus acts for the night? Get everyone in the mood with decorations, a big barbecue, and sweets in paper bags as you sit back and enjoy the show.

Underwater Fun
Whether you take inspiration from Disney's The Little Mermaid, or you go for a classier nautical theme with everyone dressed in vintage glamor, the possibilities for a water-themed party are endless. From specialty cocktails to beautiful nautical outfits, this is a theme that works well for adults and kids alike.

Garden Party Soirée
This theme is possibly our most stylish idea. Holding a garden party has a quintessentially English appeal to it, whether you have English roots or not. Hire a big tent and hold your party under canvas or keep it fully al fresco and incorporate traditional games such as croquet to the mix. Don't forget the cucumber sandwiches!