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Haigood Family

It's A Haigood Life

We are a family of 6 - Mom, Dad, and 4 boys, traveling the road full time since November of 2012. We are excited to see what God has in store for us around the bend! We are involved in ministry along the way!

FOTR since 11/21/2012 - added 2/21/2013

Hall Family

Journey to our Haven

I am, Heather, a wife and mother who has packed up my youngest two children to follow my dear husband on the road. Stephen is a traveling ICU nurse. We travel from job to job all over the country because we wanted to see it all. We love the Lord and felt called to a stuff free lifestyle. We road school Rachel and Nathaniel with Classical Conversations and a healthy dose of Charlotte Mason's philosophy. I adore meeting new people, seeing new places, and eating new foods. Hope to see you on the road.

FOTR 11/2009 to 1/2011 - added 4/27/10

Hanson Family

The Hansons traveled 8 months to raise awareness and funds for diabetes research at MGH.

FOTR 12/2003- 7/2004

Harrison Family

Rubicon Crew

We are a large (8 Kids) family cruising North America in the "Rubicon", our converted MCI Bus. As we go, we are taking North America with us through podcasting, and blogging.

FOTR since 4/2010 - added 3/25/10

Hawkins Family


We are a family of four, (plus cats) and are in the process of renovating our RV. Move in date is set for August 30th.

FOTR since 8/2012 - added 6/14/12

Hershberger Family

On The Road

We are the Hershberger's. A christian family of 4 who got rid of all but a few of their belongings, bought an RV and move into it. We started our journey in Coconut Creek, FL and we have no idea where we will stop. Our goals are to Honor God, train the children up in the way they should go, and tour this beautiful country. We are travelling with our dog Xena and our cat Sassy. Our home is a 2006 40ft Country Coach Inspire 360 pulling a Ford Explorer XLT. We home school our children and I work using the internet part time during the week to fund our adventures.

FOTR since 5/27/2011 - added 8/30/11

Hirn Family

Our Trip Takes Us

Family of four, two campers, one year, 48 states, a whole new perspective on life. We left in June 2009 to discover America and ourselves. The best part is we've found even more.

FOTR since 6/15/09 - added 3/14/10

hopalog fam

Hopalog Family

We're a traveling family of six. In September 2004 we sold the house, hit the road and never looked back. We spend a LOT of time in Mexico. The kids were 3, 5, 8 and 10 when we started. One day we might settle down, but not if Mom has anything to say about it. School has never been a problem; the kids have been unschooled from birth.

FOTR since 9/2004 - added 4/16/2007


Houck Family

Share5 Tour

Introducing the Houck family:  Chad, Amy, Emily, and Dillon, and Bethany. Rolling down the road in "The big Ol’ Bouncin’ Roo" (our 34’ Bounder), we serve as full-time Christian missionaries.  Origianlly from Boise, ID, we now endeavor daily to share the love of Christ with others through intentional acts of compassion, sacrifice, passion, teamwork, and leadership in what we call the "Share5 Tour".
We began our journey in October 25, 2008 by touring with three Christian rock bands for a month. Since, we have seen over 20 states, over 18,000 miles, and even traveled into Mexico as we build homes for the homeless and bring hope to the hopeless.  If you’d like to join us in Sharing Well With Others, drop us a line and lets meet up!

FOTR 10/25/08 - added 12/31/08 -- temporarily parked 8/2010

Hudson Family

Hudson Family

(Site in German and English, click the flag)

We are a family of four with two boys. Our trip has started a long time ago. Actually, long ago we decided that whether we settled somewhere or moved on the road, all was part of a trip. That we could travel inwards and outwards. In 2005 to 2007 we backpacked mostly on public transport from Europe to Asia and back via Russia. In 2008 to last January we lived and worked in rural China and since then we have been travelling in a camper starting in Philadelphia, USA heading southwards to Central and maybe Southern America.

FOTR 2005 to 9/2011 - added 4/5/11

Huff Fam

Huff Family

Free Spirit Life

We are a free spirit family of five - American dad Cary, Aussie mama Annette and blended children Sami (10), AJ (6.5) & Nicky (2.5). Currently living "OTR" in Australia, unschooling our children and enjoying living simply.

FOTR 11/08/07 - 8/2008; added 2/2/08

Igel Family

Igel Family

Nine Hedgehogs

With our 7 children in a 45' bus, we're hitting the road to create an experience of a lifetime, to homeschool, to unschool and to see what the country has in store for our 12 month trip. You could say we're enjoying our retirement while our eyesight is good, our knees still work, and our kids still want to spend time with us.

FOTR since 8/2010 - added 5/14/2010

Live Lightly Family

Janssen Family

After 3 1/2 years of nomadic living, we have stopped traveling full-time and have settled in Longmont, CO. Here is an update on the blog I am currently writing on the most: http://walkslowlylivewildly.com/2011/01/17/life-in-longmont/

We are in process of writing an eBook called "Modern Nomadic Living"...to be released this year!

FOTR 9/2007-12/10 - added 10/1/2007 (updated 2/22/11)


Jennings Family

Jay, Wanda, Tom and Chelsea in a 26' travel trailer for about a year, then the plan is to sell the trailer, buy a sailboat, and do the same thing on the water. The whole family juggles, so if you see people throwing things at each other, and catching them, it might be us!

FOTR 9/29/08 - 9/4/2010; added 11/24/2008

Lakos Family

5 Gypsy Kings

We are a family of 5. Mom, Dad, 6 year old boy, and 3 year old twin girls. After 10 years on Oregon and needing a change we bought a school bus and converted it into a home. Sold all our stuff then hit the road September 1, 2010.

FOTR since 9/1/2010 - added 1/28/2011


Lannin Family

Portable Parents

A family of 4 traveling through Latin America and beyond. They sold everything they owned back home,and now combine early retirement, global travel, homeschooling, and more into a lifestyle change that puts us on the road to freedom, education, adventure, and fun

FOTR since 8/01/08 - added 5/18/09

Lawrence/McArthur Family


Bob, a retired college teacher, Marty, an oral surgeon on leave from her practice, and Julia, a 6-grader, together with the Cairn Terrier Baxter, began a 9-month travel adventure in August 09, which we call the No ETA Tour. We are trying to experience the process of travel, of experiencing new people and places, without being overly concerned with outcomes or deadlines.

was FOTR 8/26/09 to 4/2010 - added 11/23/09

Lee Family

Strangers in the Earth

Our family of 6 set out on May 11, 2013 for a year-long RV adventure. We're having the time of our lives!

FOTR since 5/11/2013 - added 5/28/2013


Lende Family

We Choose This

A family of seven; one daddy (Nick), one mommy (Stephanie), four sons (Aidan, Coda, Dillon & Jericho) and one daughter (Téadora). We choose to live our life in a way that many might find "odd". We choose being together, Jesus, natural living, a big family, life on the road, a mama with dreadlocks, healthy eating, homeschooling, adventure and love. You might call us crazy, that's OK, we choose crazy!

FOTR 1/10-1/11 - added 2/9/10


Leonard Family

Life Learning Leonards

Three kids, mom, dad, and the dog. We live full time in our 24 ft Honey RV. We are home schooled and mom works virtually. We are loving every minute of our adventure! We decided to take charge of our life and make our own decisions instead of getting into a situation where others could do it for us. We are happy, healthy, and living well within our means now. Life couldn't be better! Come and share our adventures by visiting our blog. Right now we are parked... in a wonderful rural camp area... but plan to do some traveling over the summer months. We are striving everyday to lead a life of faith, family and love. We look forward to meeting you!

FOTR 1/1/09 - 8/2011 - added 2/11/09; Update 8/11/11: Jess blogs athttp://mywakchazi.blogspot.com/

Link Family

Link Family

We're a dad, mom, and two kids travelling in a pickup truck with topper and rooftop tent. We've also crashed with friends and family and stayed in rental houses and hotels some, too.

FOTR since 6/2009 - added 11/22/09

Link Family

Family of 9, Mom, Dad, 4 sons, 1 daughter, 1 daughter in law, 1 granddaughter. We have traveled full time since 2006. We play music along the way. North in the summer and south in the winter.

FOTR since 07/1/06- added 3/20/2013


Loecken Family

Passion To Action

We are the Loecken family! Jay, Beth, Ben, Bekah, Abigail and Noah. Our dream of traveling began 18 years ago when we were first married. However, it wasn't until our family returned from a mission's trip to Africa in the summer of 2007 that we put the wheels in motion for this dream to become a reality. We prayed, talked, researched and put our house up for sale. On April 18th, 2008 we officially began living in our 2006 Monaco Knight. We have a non-profit ministry called Passion to Action (P2A) and our mission is to inspire, empower and mobilize people to put their faith in action.

FOTR since 4/18/2008 - added 4/6/2008 (updated 4/13/10)

Logan Family

Willows Edge Farm

From farm living to life on the road. We are on our way to visit America, see some old friends, make new ones and hopefully, find the farm of our dreams to rebuild again. In the meantime, we are becoming full time FOTR'ers out searching for our next adventure. We're blogging about how we are closing everything down, packing up, renting out our home and hitting the highway. Will you join with us?

FOTR since 04/2011 - added 3/30/2011

Loya Family

We are a family of 4, plus pets, traveling around the U.S. in our 40 ft 5th wheel. Loving life on the road. Loving our family time together!

FOTR since 3/6/07 - added 10/10/2008

Lolo's Extreme Cross Country RV Trips

A place for adventurous families to explore ideas for their own RV road trip adventures across the USA and Canada. Though this family is not on the road fulltime they have done enough cross country trips to earn their honorary FOTR badge and their dynamic site is loaded with useful information for families in RVs.

added 4/9/07

Lombardi RV Family

Lombardi Family

I'm a single mom of three (ages 9, 11, & 13). I started this Journey hoping we'd become closer to each other, to Nature, and to finding a Spiritual "sense" of which each person discovers and interprets from their own experiences (I just hoped to give some fuel to that fire). I've been working on our web site for a little over 1/2 a year and it's literally taking on a proverbial life of its own. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I love creating it!

FOTR since 2006 added 8/11/2007

Evans Family

Loud Family (site down)

So far smooth sailing, except for replacing the generator, knocking most of the roof top AC off in trees, and breaking our water heater. We are loving the fact that we are able to learn by trial and error. There is not to much else to break to learn from!

The "Loud Family" is featured on Six for the Road which can be seen every now and then on TLC and on The Discovery Channel

FOTR since 10/2007 - added 10/21/2007

Long Family

Tao of Long

Family of three Dad - Chris, Mom - Becky, and DD - Nora. We are two artist (maybe three) traveling full time in our class A motor home and unschooling too.

FOTR since 7/08 to 5/2010 - added 2/12/10

Malone Family

Malone Madness

We are a family of 5 traveling the country for the year, at least. My husband was traveling all the time for work and we decided to join him.

FOTR since 7/15/2010 - added 8/4/2010

Malkoffs by Pink Jeep

Malkoff Family

Letting Go and Setting Free

Mary Ann realized that both teenagers would soon be starting their own lives and there were many fun experiences yet to do together. While letting go of their Orange County, California lifestyle was hard, the opportunity to see the United States and Canada for three years was a dream worth following. Dave and Sarah self-direct their high-school curriculum inspired by location, museums and geography. Mel joins "The Grand Adventure" ten days each month. Setting free has been the hardest and easiest thing we've ever done, the rewards are numerous, and the memories priceless.

FOTR Since 8/2007 - added 11/08/2007

Mariscal Family

ramblin on the road

We are a husband, wife, 2 year old son, Black lab, and 2 cats. Life thru us some lemons so we traded it all in for our 36' Holiday Rambler Vacationer pulling our Chevy truck with the bike in the back. We look forward to meeting other families and exploring this country.

FOTR since 9/2010 10/20/10 - added 11/30/10

Maroon Family

Silver Bullet Express

Hello my name is Shane. I'm traveling with my beautiful wife, Jasmine, our two small children, and our American Bulldog. We are living a life on the road in search of new friends and experiences, with the freedom of not having to live up to society's expectations. We welcome you to join us on our adventures.

FOTR since 09/11/12 - added 9/30/2012

Martin Family

Napkin Dreams

We are a family of seven, five boys plus dad and mom. We are taking an extended break after 18 years of being children's pastors at local churches in the US and Canada. We are going to travel around North America and do some speaking and consulting at churches, but mostly doign some family bonding!

FOTR since 10/1/10 - added 5/28/10

McCoy Family

We have a 5th wheel with a bunkhouse and have plenty of space. We will be traveling to my husbans job projects for a few months at a time. We left our home in St. Louis, selling or giving away the majority of our belongings. it has been a freeing experience and are excited about the future.

FOTR since 12/01/2011 - added 12/1/2011

McFarlane Family

Six on the Road

We are a family of six on an adventure to roadschool across America seeing new things, meeting new people and following God's leading.

FOTR since 8/11/12 - added 6/5/2012

McKenzie Family


A couple in our 30's who have been traveling the country for almost 4 years. We full-time with our 2 four legged babies and recently added a traveling baby to the mix!

FOTR since 9/1/11 - added 12/5/11

Mickelberry Family

Mickelberry Family

The Traveling Mickelberry's

We are a family of five from Victoria, BC who want to get away from the daily grind and explore some of the planet (North America for now).

FOTR 7/20/2010-5/2011 - added 8/17/2010

Milburn Family

Making Milburns

We are a Christ following, homechurching, UNschooling, home birthing, holistic healing, Full time Rving, co-sleeping, attachment parenting, non circumsizing, non vaccinating family of 7, almost 8!

FOTR since 9/01/10 - added 10/12/10

Miller Family

We are a family of 5. My husband quit his job to become a travel nurse practitioner. We will be in each location for 3mo and will be living in temp. housing. We had planned to live in a RV, but found the temp. homes to be more economical. We will travel from St. Louis, Mo. to Phoenix, Az on Nov. 1, 2008. From there, Washington, Alaska & Montana. We will be homeschooling.

FOTR 11/1/2008 to 1/2010 - added 9/5/2008

Miller RV Family

Miller Family

"Why wait until we retire to travel?" we thought, so we jumped off the merry-go-round of life and walked off towards adventure. Now we travel full-time in our RV with our three kids and dog in tow for the trip of a lifetime!

FOTR since 4/2007 - added 9/2/2007


Miura Family

The Happy Campers

Hello there! We are the Miura family - Ken, Sallie, Andrew, Nikki, Lauren (aka "Poohnut") (9) and Hobie the Golden Retriever. One day, Ken and I realized that if we wait any longer to hit the road, the kids would be more involved in their teenage lives and less interested in spending time with our family unit. So on June 15, 2008 we embarked on what will hopefully be a great memory building road trip adventure across America and beyond! Perhaps we can inspire others to follow their dreams as well. Happy Trails!

FOTR since 6/15/08 - added 7/8/08 ( updated 1/18/09)

Moore Family


We are a family of four plus a dog that will be taking off in May 2011 for a year long cross country adventure.

FOTR since 5/15/2011 - added 5/23/2011


Mueller Family

Raven's Beak

Mom, Dad, and 7 kids across 9 years. She preaches; he writes. We launched from Columbus, Ohio in February 2011 looking to explore this country while expanding our family's experiences.

FOTR since 2/2011 - added 10/12/10


Munday Family

The Munday Travelers

We are a family of 4 from Northern British Columbia, Canada. We will be traveling for 15 months in our class C RV. We are starting off with our daughter and will be dropping her off on the other side of the country in September 2010 for her to attend University in PEI. The rest of the family, (a mom, dad ,10 year old boy and a Jack Russell Terrier) will be exploring the rest of Canada and the USA.

FOTR since 5/31/10 - added 5/28/10

Musick Family

Musick Family

When dad lost his job as a pilot because of company cutbacks, we decided it was time to hit the road. We homeschool our children who are 1. 3, 7, and 9 years old. In May after a 3 week trip in our van and staying in hotels across the country, we went home listed our house (which sold in just 2 weeks), bought a fifth wheel, sold a lot of stuff and gave away even more if it. We just love seeing the country together. We are doing what we had always talked about doing and loing every minute of it!

FOTR 4/17/09 to 8/2010 - added 7/27/09


My Free-Range Family

We're Steve, Jennie, Elias, and Anna. We're leaving California behind to travel the US in a fifth wheel, along with our 4-pound dog, Lucy.

FOTR since 9/2010 - added 7/18/10


Nadeau Family

Living Free

Janis Joplin sang "Freedom is just another word for nothing left to lose." Even though life has thrown us a curve ball with Joe's reduced work hours and then getting laid off, we have decided to be positive about it and look at it like this: we now have the opportunity to wake up to a different backyard every day. An exciting and beautiful adventure awaits us! The freedom of being able to experience the pleasure and beauty of God's creation each and every day like a butterfly that flits from flower to flower.

FOTR since 5/7/2010 - added 4/20/2010


Nelson Family

Traveling Nelsons

The Nelson family consists of Pete, Carla, Zac (20 traveled with us for the first year, currently in college), Wes (18), Grace (15), and Lexi (12). We spent eight years planning this trip and we moved into our RV July 2006 after Pete retired from the military. We'll be on the road until September 2008, then we'll settle back into a house.

FOTR since 7/05/2006 - added 2/13/2008

Neufeld Family

We are a family 7, Mom, Dad and 5 kids from the West Coast of Canada. We spent 6 months living out of our tent trailer and touring Mexico and the US in 2006/2007 and made it our goal to go fulltime. Now we are doing it in our Weekend Warrior ToyHauler and enjoying every minute of it. We love to help out where we can, ie. Hurricane relief, etc. Our goal for 2008 was to visit Belize, we did it! Now we're hangin' in MX. Check out our journey.

FOTR 12/09/08 to 11/2010 - added 12/13/09

Nodland  Family at Arctic CircleNodland Family

A family of four: Ed, Cheryl, Mitch and Max spent 7 years on the road. Their site offers a very informative section about RVing with kids.

FOTR 11/1998- 2006 - added 9/14/06

O'Connell Family

Sammie Rae dialogues

One underpaid momma + one disabled dadda + one slightly hyper, slightly speech deprived toddler = hitting to road, Jack!

FOTR since 09/2012 - added 9/2/2012

Palmer Family

Palmer's Pilgrimage

We're a family of 5 living full-time in our 29 foot Jayco Flight TT. We gave up the big job, pension, and salary in D.C. to enjoy life and ministry together.

FOTR since 04/27/2012 - added 5/14/2012

Palmer Family


We are a family of four, dad Art, mom Belinda, Mikayla 10 and Austin 9. We are beginning our journey of a simpler life in the next few months. We haven't found the 5th wheel we want or the truck, but know that when we find the right one, we'll be ready to go.

FOTR 6/14/2009-8/2011 - added 4/20/09


Pantekoek Family

Rolling ShoeBox

We are the Pantekoek Family from Salem, Oregon. We have been full timing since we sold our house in May,2010. Dad, Mom,teenage girl, middle school girl, and one fuffy cat in a 32 ft Safari Motorhome. Making a route around America for a year trip, we might do it again next year. Who knows?

FOTR since 5/1/2010 - added 2/14/11

Paul Family

Tumbleweeds: Unschooled

We're an unschooling, raw vegan family of 5; Nick, Meli, Larson(13), Rylan(10), and Owen(8); setting off to explore this great big world. We're installing solar panels, and in the process of learning more about a diesel to veggie oil conversion. Conservation is the name; Simplicity is the game. Our hearts are wide open, our minds are full of wonder, and our arms are ready to embrace. We'd love to meet each and every one of you! Click on over to our family website to read more about us and see where we're currently staying, and from there you'll be able to link to our personal sites to see what we're up to. Carpe Diem!

FOTR since 3/1/2012- added 3/25/12

Peace Warrior Fam

Peace Warrior Family

Livin' on love in our van

My name is Kelly, with my fiance Matthew and our daughter Kiai we are setting off in our 1990 Chevy conversion van to travel, learn, grown, and explore while spreading peace, love, and feeling freedom. We hope to learn from others along the way and share our knowledge as we gain experience. We will do a lot of camping, while attending art festivals, music festivals, Rainbow Gatherings, visiting eco villages, communities, and any thing else that we come across that creates an opportunity for us to learn, grow, and open our minds.

FOTR since 2/2011 - added 1/23/11

The Pebble Family

We are a family of four. Jodie and Paul and our two young daughters, writing about our adventures as we crossed Canada and the US, from coast to coast and back, covering over 15,000 km in a 13 ft Trillium Outback trailer. One daughter is still in diapers. After this summer I figured I would be also.

FOTR since 07/02/2011

Perkins Family

RV Travel with Kids

We're the Perkins, Rayven, Ed, William and Sara. We've been full-timing since 2004, staying in one spot for a few months at a time. We're having a blast, seeing the world on our terms, and having fun doing it. We run our business and teach out of our RV, which makes this road trip possible!

FOTR since 04/2004 - added 2/21/09

Pierre Girls

Pierre Family

Follow along as we travel across the United States for a year seeing the sights, making friends, taking photos, and finding some new interests. As longtime Unitarian Universalists we are intentionally living our values and connecting with our UU congregations along the way.

FOTR since 7/1/07 - added 9/23/07


Platt Family

Living Life without Limits

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to do what you want with no inhibitions, no reservations, no limits? We have decided not to wonder any longer and embraced that ageless adage of 'the glass is always half full'. With our recently purchased motorhome, three kids, two cats, guinea pig, and rabbit, we will live life without limits on the road. Come visit us regularly to see what adventures we encounter as our tank will always be half full!!

FOTR since 11/01/08 - added 1/21/2009

Podlesny Family


Family of four leaving the the mundane gated community life for true living.

FOTR since 2/6/11 - added 11/30/10


Pollick Family

Pollick's on the Road

A family of four- my husband Tom, me Tina, our children Caitlin and Thomas are getting ready to hit the road at the end of May. I'm a RN and will be working as a traveling nurse, my husband is a painter and will be staying home with the kids. We love to fish, camp and just hang out. Maybe we'll see you on the road...

FOTR since 5//2011 - added 2/14/11

Prater Family

The Travelingprater's

After spending the past three and a half years traveling with my husbands job and living in and out of hotels part of the time, our family of five finally took a leap of faith and purchased our very first used RV and began our fulltime adventure three weeks ago. We don't know how long we'll live this adventure, but hope to journey to all 50 states, however long that will take, before calling it quits.

FOTR since 1/2006 - added 5/20/09

Price Family

God n' Country

We are a family of 8 traveling the United States for the summer. Our goal is to study Latter-Day Saint (Mormon) history, and United States History. Our kids range from 16 years old to 6 years old.

FOTR since 6/29/2012 - added 9/1/2012


Provost Family

Provost Recess

The first time we did this we traveled the country for 18 months, during which our first daughter was born, looking for a place to raise a family. We found a wonderful place and completed our family with two more babies. That was over 6 years ago and we've noticed that our babies are growing up ridiculously fast and it is time to hit the road again, this time to see this amazing country through their eyes. We're so excited to have found such a wonderful community to share and learn from!

going FOTR 8/1/10 - added 5/24/10

Purcell Family


We currently live in Florida, just moved to an RV 2 weeks ago, will be heading out mid-September to travel the country for about 18 months, looking for a new place to live.

FOTR 9/16/08-8/2010 - added 8/24/2008

Pyterek Family

Pyterek Family

We, Anne & Alexander, have been traveling in our bus, which is now blue, for almost two years. It's great! We've both learned so much and we haven't even scratched the surface.

FOTR since 2004 - added 8/10/06

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