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Traveling Families: S-Z

Sasek Family


We, a father, mother, son, Pug and a Boxer, shed "the box" to hit the road. We, like many, have had dreams of traveling and experiencing life outside the traditional "sticks and bricks." Rich, the husband/dad, had dreams of retiring and traveling. Carolyn, the wife/mom, had a better idea. GO NOW!!! Our goals: Have fun, learn, travel, make friends, help people that are in need and take lots of pictures along the way! ~ Words we live by: Not all who wander are lost.

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Savage Family

The Savages are New Creatures

Were a family who travels while spreading the Truth and Gospel through our music, art and traveling.

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Schmidt Family

We have been dreaming about road schooling and now we are beginning! We just bought a Class C last week and Im anxious to get advice and meet people. We are headed to Niagara next. We are from West Michigan. We intend on traveling 1-2 weeks a month since my husbands job stops us from being gone too long.

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Schmidt Family


Single mom traveling with my two children. We are journeying around the US in an RV and then some international travel.

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Scholl Family

The Scholl Bus

We are a family of 5 traveling in our unique converted school bus remodeled "Scholl Bus" style that includes a Popup Camper 2nd level. We believe that anything is possible if you want it bad enough, no matter how out of the ordinary it may be. Our family is looking for adventure around every turn, and loving the freedom of a traveling lifestyle. We plan to enjoy the new places, people, and experiences we are blessed with on this journey.

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Schweda Family

This fab trek

We are a family of four. We have been traveling the world for 6 years in a car, and for the past year we have taken my partners 2 twin boys of 4 years of age with us. We drive and live in a 93 Chevy van, which was bought in Seattle and driven down to Mexico.

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Schwentor Family

Pippi In Paradise

We are a family of six hitting the road in 1973 Dodge Champion. We are leaving the mountains of Colorado destined for warmer weather and the ocean.

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Seeley Family

Livin' Our Dash

We are a family of three plus two miniature dachshunds learning, living, and working on the road. We had the American Dream of the big house, big yard, and all the stuff to go with it - including the headaches. We've made a decision to have less stuff and more experiences and are looking forward to giving our son (and ourselves) an "outside-the-book" education. Hope to see you on the road!

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Seven Nomads

The Seven Nomads Family

We are a family of 7 on our way to cross the US west to east in our 26' class C. We roadschooling, selling homemade crafts at Fleamarkets and promoting Mom's book on the way.

FOTR since 4/1/2011 - added 4/14/2011

Shanks Family

Herd of Turtles

Our family made the decision to do away with most of our ties to "normal" life. We scaled down, sold off nearly all our stuff (including our house) in exchange for freedom. Changing our paradigm (and maybe yours too!) of walking in faith, the meaning of "success", and what we want to pour into our children. Focusing now on what is most important to us-loving and serving God and people. We have been blessed with the opportunity to take a bus that has been converted into a mobile living space and adventure for a while.

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Show us World

Show Family

Little Castle

We are going out on our Great Adventure while the kids are still at home. We are Dad, Mom and the three marvelous teens and their pets which include one bunny, one missing cat and a hermit crab.

FOTR since 07/18/08 - added 7/7/2008

Simpson Family

The Simpson Six

Family of six, including 4 young children--all within a 5 year age span, traveling coast to coast and all points in between. Learning about and experiencing life together, and that Home is much more than just a place where we live.

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Smeenk Family

At Home In The World

We are a Canadian family of 6 who sold our home to travel the world. We love to learn and experience new places and cultures together. The world is a magnificent place, and we want to celebrate it! We realize that this nomadic lifestyle will only last for a season of our lives, so we want to make the most of it. We invite you to share in our adventure!

FOTR since 10/24/2010 - added 5/23/2011

Smith Family

Living Life The Way It Should Be

We are the Smith family. We are a family of six and our doggy. We are about to leave Maine in a couple of days for Florida in our 23ft Lindy RV. We are not the typical family to do this we are young and starting with practically nothing and we do not have careers! We will be making more money any way we can.

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Smith FamilySmith Family

Praying Hard, Working Hard, Playing Hard

The Smith family of eight has been traveling full time for over four years in their 42' Fifth wheel. With children now ages 20 down to 3, their adventures are numerous, wild, and worth every sacrifice made to live this lifestyle.

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Smith Family

We are a family of 5 on the road full-time. Our goal is to help Churches with web marketing and serve the homeless through a ministry called Agape Bags. This is our Adventure in Faith!

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Snow Family

Homeschooling family of eight and two dogs. Homeschooling and working from the road.

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Sorenti-Burns Family

Full Time RV Family

We're the Sorenti-Burns family. No, we're not "professional RVers" at all but we are RVing full time across the U.S. for a whole year. We're just a regular family from Cape Cod, Massachusetts making our way across the U.S. in an RV Full time for a whole year. We consider ourselves very lucky to have the ability to do this. We didn't win the lottery, we don't drive fancy cars (unless you consider our Chevy 2500 Diesel Crew Cab we need to haul our fifth wheel RV fancy) and we're not independently wealthy. Although most of our friends thought (and probably still think) we're kinda nuts, our love of travel drove us to take an entire year to see the U.S.A. in an RV. I mean, what better way to see every nook and crannie, every main street and back road of the U.S. than traveling in an RV full time?

FOTR since 6/12/2011 - added 7/3/2011

Mozart in Egypt

Soul Travelers

An artistic family of three from Santa Cruz, California who are off to explore the world. Watch a video of their daughter playing her violin in world renowned locations.

FOTR since 9/2006 - added 10/1/2006


Stafford Family

Stafford's on the Road

We are a family of four who got tired of the rat race and decided to travel around the country in our RV. After years of planning it all came together. We hit the road in March and haven't looked back since!

FOTR since 3/21/2009 - added 4/13/2009

Stoner Family

Rolling with the Stoners

We are the Stoner Family traveling with our three young children cross country in our 36 foot fifth wheel. We felt called to a different way of life in order to spend more time together, live without debt, and see more of our Lord\'s creation as we attempt to road school! We hope you will follow along!

FOTR since 06/1/2014 - added 7/29/2014

Sutton Family

The Adventures of Sutton's Travels

Traveling this great country in our RV while working as a traveling nurse.

FOTR since 3/1/2014 - added 3/12/2014

Swartz Family


We are a family of (soon to be) six. Renee (mom), Nathan (dad) and Tristan (10 years old) previously lived in a 1978 Volkswagen Bus and roamed this wonderful country. In 2011 our second son, Winter, was born in Astoria, Oregon. Since then we've traveled mostly New England, Michigan and the South. With our third little guy on the way, we've been forced to (somewhat happily!) upgrade to an Airstream / Roadtrek combination and grandma has joined us for the ride as well. Our website is all about describing the places we go in great detail, with professional style written articles and photography, in hopes that we can help others live this dream as well.

FOTR since August 2008 - added 4/20/2012

Swinford Family

Long Long Way to Tipperary

We are a family of 5 traveling full time while Dad works remotely to support us. We love traveling, new adventures, family and Jesus Christ.

FOTR since 3/31/2012 - added 4/13/2012

Teichmer Family


Hi There! We are the Teichmer's! A free spirited family of four plus one Norwegian Elkhound. Mom Rene, Dad Jarod, Sister Olyvia 9 and Baby brother Harley Wade 4 months. We have decided to quit our corporate lifestyles in Southern California and take to the open road in our travel trailer, working and exploring as we go. We live our life by a certain set of spiritual principles and we look forward to having our creator as our guide and for love to light our way on this adventure! Now, Let the journey begin!!

FOTR since 1/1/2013 - added 12/14/2013

Tersieff Family

The Tersieff Family

We are a family of 5 (so far!) that will be going from living in a brick and mortar house to living in a 1986 travel trailer. Join us as we fix it up, move into it and see where the Lord leads us.

FOTR since 8/1/12 - added 7/8/2012

Thomas Family

On The Road For Jesus

We are Derrick, Michelle, Michaela (8) and Riona (2). We sold everything we could not fit into the 5th wheel and set out on the road April 12th, 2008. We set up Faith Ministries. We visit churches in both small and large communities and share the love of Jesus Christ. Please visit our website for detailed information on what we do. While traveling between churches we have visited several National Parks, museums, points of interest, etc.

FOTR since 4/12/08 - added 11/4/08

Thompson Family

Our Road To Somewhere

We are the Thompson family who have decided to travel on the road for a year with our 2 boys after my husband dedicated 10 years serving this great country in the Untied States Marine Corps. The Military lifestyle has been an awesome experience, one that I am proud to call my husband my hero. We have spent many years apart but our marriage has become stronger when many others have fallen apart around us. We are getting back to whats important "Family" to bring an already close family closer by traveling across the states learning together. Come join us as we explore a whole new world & follow us as we begin our adventure.

FOTR since 8/1/2011 - added 6/12/11

Ticknor Family


Dad, Mom, and 11 kids heading out for a ''grand adventure' while the kids are all still at 'home'. Sold the house, stored the stuff, and are heading south for the winter. Don't quite know where our travels will take us or when we will be back, just hitting the road to make some great memories!

FOTR since 10/2009 - added 8/22/09

Toast Family

Toast Family

Travel Toast

We are a family of six who have been RVing full-time since May of 2010 in a fifth wheel toy hauler/crew cab truck set-up. Having crossed the continental U.S. a couple of times, we are looking for more road to cover... maybe even Central America? Check out our ongoing adventures as well as peruse our RV tips and advice at our TravelToast blog.

FOTR since 5/1/2010 - added 1/5/2011

Torkelson Family

Day Dreamers

We are a family of five (three teens) plus a Grenadian pothound, who began our adventure in 2010 by RVing from Alaska to Florida, flying to Grenada to board our sailboat to sail around the Caribbean for 5 years, then taking to the RV again on our way back to Alaska.

FOTR since 4/09/2010 - added 2/7/2016

Brass Family

Traveling Tipi Family

Finding my Buffalo

Well we are a family of 2, mother and son (6), who are embarking on a new way of life! We are planning to live life on the road, and see what happens, may be a challenge being that we are Canadian, might get a bit chilly! We will be living in a 79 Chev Class C??? I think not too up with all the RV jargon just yet... LOL Anywho... My son has always been "free-schooled" so we are not too concerned with going to school. I work as an entertainer and facilitator so I hope to get work along the way...

FOTR since 4/1/2008 - added 3/30/2008

Trecosta Family

Road Schooling in America

We are a family of four, a Mom, 2 boys, and their au pair, who hit the road in December 2012. We are looking forward to exploring all this great country and learning through living!

FOTR since 12/18/12 - added 2/21/2013

Trochesset Tribe Family

7 Rambling Kids

Family of 11, with 7 kids in the rv. We are road rambling vegetarians searching for amazing sunrises, naked landscapes, glowing sunsets, and clear starry sky's.

FOTR since 10/1/2012 - added 12/4/2012

Trujillo Family


We are a family of three and have been traveling in our Sprinter van for over 5 years, 4 of which were through 17 countries from Mexico to the tip of South America. We\'re back in the States for now, still on the road!

FOTR since 10/12/2009 - added 11/23/2014

Twist Family

Twists and Turns

We are a recently retired Navy family traveling the US with 2 boys, 2 dogs and a 40 foot 5th wheel. My husband battles PTSD and we are on the road as a means to seek healing for our family while we figure out what to do next.

FOTR since 11/9/10 - added 3/16/2011

Utter Family

An Utter Adventure

We are a family of six, with four elementary and preschool aged children, who sold our house to follow wherever God leads, experiencing and learning about the natural beauty, history, people, and places of the U.S.A.

FOTR since 12/28/2013 - added 1/10/2014

Vaughn's Family

Vagabond Vaughn's

We are a small family (1 son) We reside in Wisconsin, but dad travels around the States for work( industrial construction). We have started being a family together around the country now that our son is old enough to travel! We love being in the outdoors and seeing all the local attractions where ever we are.

FOTR since 1/11/12 - added 1/11/2012

Vogel Family

Vogel 5 Road Tripper

Family of 5 excited to see the US together and enjoy God's creation.

FOTR since 2/16/2014 - added 3/1/2014

Wandering Wicklines Family

Journey through change

We are a family of 5 that began our adventure in 2009. We have 3 kids and have no plans for ending our journey any time soon. We do various workamping and electrical positions. We look forward to meeting other families on the road.

FOTR since 3/1/2009 - added 3/24/2010


Watson Family

Our Travel Log

We decided to live full time in our travel trailer 5 months ago. We sold everything we own, purchased our trailer and left Utah. We have been on the road for 5 weeks and have loved every minute of it. We have 3 kids, 1 dog and 1 cat.

FOTR since 7/24/2010 - added 8/23/2010

Wayfaring Mama Family

A crunchy family of four living full-time in a fifth wheel, blogging about travels, peaceful parenting and purposefully living a life of simplicity.

FOTR since 6/1/2014 - added 7/2/2014

FOTR - Weaver Believer Survival Revival

Weaver Family

Weaver Believer Survival Revival

Paul and Chris Weaver have been married for nearly 25 yrs., are blessed with 8 children and reside in the NE GA mountains where they all work together in a small family business~when they're not traveling.

They instilled the love of music in the children at a young age. From the time they were little, they were taken around to sing for shut-ins, nursing homes & small groups~and it grew from there.

When Paul taught them to play instruments, it only added to the music resulting in the birth of the WEAVER BELIEVER SURVIVAL REVIVAL. Since the children are homeschooled, it allows them the time & freedom to travel. They sing in tight family harmony & play guitars, banjos, mandolin, fiddle, acoustic bass & stand-up bass ~ joyfully using their God-given talents to bring honor & glory to the Lord.

FOTR since 2/1/2012 - added 3/2/2012

Woodward Family

We are a family of 4 headed out for a year in a 31-ft Winnebago with car in tow. We leave this summer, at which point our son will be 11 and our daughter will be 8. We're looking forward to educating our kids on the road and showing them all of the amazing places across the country.

FOTR since 7/30/2015- added 1/3/2015

Wilgus Family

Our Journey towards God, togetherness, and financial freedom

A young full-time RV'ing family with twin preschoolers. Fresh out of the military and seeking a simpler and more manageable life, a closer relationship with God, our family, and conquering our debt!

FOTR since 12/31/13 - added 9/5/2013

Wilkey-Gilman Family

Two grownups, two kiddos, and two doggies. Just beginning this RV journey and so excited about it! Vegan/vegetarians who love the outdoors and want to live life with no regrets.

FOTR since 12/20/13 - added 4/10/2014

Wood Family

New Life on the Road

A family of seven (five boys) getting ready to live in our Motorhome full time while travelling on the Road.

FOTR since 9/1/11 - added 8/21/11

Youvan Family

kicking asphalt

We are a couple who have served our country all over the world but have never spent the time to enjoy what we fought for. We are taking our two school age kiddos and our three dogs on the road to show them why we did what we did. They have had to share us for to long, its time for us to give them our all.

FOTR since 6/1/2014 - added 4/17/2014

Zapp Family

Spark Your Dream

Going around the world... on a jalopy car from 1928... four kids born in the road... no money... there is no way to do it for many, not for us! Here we are 11 years and still counting! Imagine going for your dream with the people you love the most? What else do you need?

FOTR since 1/00 - added 4/17/11


Zavocki Family

Wherever the Road Leads

We are a family of six hitting the road for 12-16 months, more or less. We love God, family, and adventure. We have decided to put experiences above things. Our motto is that you can make more money but can't make more time!

FOTR since 6/25/11 - added 6/20/11

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