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This index contains online articles and news coverage dealing with different aspects of fulltime RVing as a family. These articles may have been previously published in one or more RVing publications. For those articles which appear on other web sites, please observe the copyright rules of that site.

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The Today Show

This quick video was part of a series about hitting the road in an RV. "Today Takes A Vacation" showcased using airstreams as lodging instead of hotels.
Families on the road even got a mention during this segment.

Walmart Overnight Stays

It's happened to anyone who's spent much time travelling by RV. You set your first-day sights on a distant stopping point, then realize how much there is to see along the way. A festival here, a roadside diner there, and the day is gone, long before you reach your destination. With no campground reservation in hand, what's a savvy motorhome camper to do?

Try Walmart

Check out Walmart! Yes, you read that right - Walmart is not only the place for camping essentials, it's also the best-kept "secret" in free overnight camping. Many Walmart locations across the country allow motorhome campers to stop overnight (free!) in their parking lots.

So, you've started with a great RV rental vehicle from El Monte RV, and decided to take advantage of this budget-stretching concept. How to find the Walmart locations along your route? Here are two helpful links to make things easy:

  • Walmart Stores That Provide Overnight RV Camping - There are plenty of Walmart stores that DO allow overnight RV parking, and you can find a state-by-state directory of those locations here. Because you are all great "citizens of the road", we know you'll follow camping etiquette, no matter where you stop. Here are some things to remember, however, when you're pulling into a Walmart "campsite":
  • This is "dry camping", so there won't be electricity, water or dump stations available while you're there. You'll need to find a dump station elsewhere (you may want to check out for this), as well as filling water tanks and using your own generator. Seems obvious, but it's always worth mentioning.
  • Park only in the spaces designated for RV parking. You should always double-check with the store ahead of time, so you aren't rudely awakened by a security guard!
  • To benefit RVer's world-wide, always leave your campsite clean, whether in a Walmart parking lot or at an exclusive resort. Blowing trash from motorhome campers could shut down this generous benefit from Walmart.
  • Walmart Stores That Do Not Provide Overnight Camping - Not all Walmart locations allow overnight RV parking. You can use this link to find stores that don't offer this service. Please keep our public image shiny by respecting the policies of these stores.

DISCLAIMER/WARNING: While free overnight stays at Walmart may be something that may seem attractive, always check with the store to see if they allow camping. In addition, in some cities/states, it is illegal. El Monte RV cares about your safety, so consider the area in which the Walmart is located when deciding to stay there. Some stores may be in areas that may be unsafe.

Other Sources of Information on Free RV Camping

  • Casinos - Some casinos allow free overnight parking for motorhomes. A good resource to locate them is Casino Camper.
  • Truck Stops - Many truck stops will let you stay overnight for free. To locate these see Truck Stop Locations.
  • - Another resource for free overnight parking is They also offer a mobile app for your convenience.
  • - Free overnight parking on private property.
  • Harvest Hosts - Free overnight camping at wineries, farms, and agri-tourism sites.

Happy FREE Camping!

FOTR Alumni gains Honors

Nathan HowellShortly after Mesa seventh grader, Nathan Howell, returns from his spring break travels to San Diego, California he will be charting his course for Arizona's National Geographic State Geography Bee planned for March 27 on Arizona State University's Tempe campus.
This week Howell was notified that he is one of the semifinalists eligible to compete in the 2015 Arizona National Geographic State Bee, sponsored by Google and Plum Creek.

Howell Family
The young scholar attributes his love of geography to his early life on the road traveling with retired parents through forty states before beginning his junior high career in Mesa in 2014.
As a fourth grader, Howell learned his American History on the road, travelling Lewis and Clark's route, visiting close to a hundred national parks, and touring more than a dozen state capitols on a year-long, 28,000 mile odyssey. Each year the family logs an average of 10,000 miles in road trips across the country, joining hundreds of other Families On the Road (FOTR) - or --full- and part-time road-schooling families who take their global studies for a spin around the country.

Visit for more information on the National Geographic Bee.

The Smith Family on AT YOUR LEISURE SHOW

The Smith's segment, rightly titled Modern Nomads, includes clips of their daily life activities living in an RV, interviews with five year-old Josephine and eight year-old Gabriel, Shae and Sheri explaining how and why it all began over four years ago, and more.

This FOTR Family's episode can be seen here.

Looking for a winter getaway, then look no furthur. Check out these Winter destination Campgrounds

Top Ten Ski Campgrounds

Consumer Affairs posts reviews of RV insurance firms.

You may be able to insure your recreational vehicle (RV) on your auto policy, but even if you do, coverage is likely to be limited to physical damage. That's why RV insurance provides much broader protection to owners of recreational vehicles.

RV insurance includes protection for a variety of vehicles in which one or more people can drive and sleep comfortably and even enjoy bathroom and kitchen facilities. Insurance can cover the vehicle itself, traffic accidents, damage to your own and others' vehicles, medical payments, contents and more. RV insurance is more comprehensive than standard auto insurance because it not only insures a moving vehicle, but also a home. Visit Consumer Affairs for more information.

Way Beyond Vacation

A feature article about families adopting the nomadic lifestyle by Eilene Zimmerman in the May 2011 issue of the Christian Science Monitor - used with permission. (PDF format)


The Zapp Family has been touring the world for 11 years with their 4 kids in a 1928 Model 610. They were featured on the Today Show. Watch a video about their experience on LonelyPlanet or read their book Spark Your Dream from the first part of the journey.

Mothering Radio interviews Nicole Faires who turned an old Blue Bird bus into a traveling home for her family of five. Nicole also wrote about her life on the road in a piece called Bus Mama in the Mar-Apr 2011 issue of

Roadschool Winner

Congratulations to Dylan DeMichel a roadschooler, who was named the 1st place winner in the state of Florida in an InvestWrite Essay Competition. Each year 20,000 students across the nation participate. The program challenges 4th-12th graders to analyze an investment scenario and provide a long term financial plan.

50 state Tour

The Belcher family was interviewed in Hawaii. Read and watch their interview on Sunrise on Hawaii News.

Sailing Away from the American Dream

"More than any time in human history, and especially here in the United States, it makes sense to question assumptions and to consider alternatives. Whether it’s sailing, RV trekking, bicycling, or something else, consider where you’d rather be and then consider working hard to get there, instead of wherever it is you’re working hard to get. Rest assured your financial life will be less certain, but you’ll still be getting rich slowly, richer in all the things that matter most."

A boating family writes an article for Get Rich Slowly

One of our FOTR Kids speaks out on TEDx Next Generation in Asheville

Life on the Road

One Family's Story A family who says America is their backyard has been living on the road for nearly two decades. Dec 28, 2009 WCTV - Tallahassee News

Good Morning America

The Loecken Family is on a Mission of Crazy Love. Oct 30, 2009.

The Loecken Family was also featured in the Ladies Home Journal, August issue. And on Good Day Utah

Green Your RV

How to reduce your carbon footprint - as seen on Good Morning America.

Round the World "Gap Year" Trip

A new blog post on about how families are taking a year off to explore the world. Great practical advice for living your dream.

San Francisco Weekly

Read an article about an RVing Circus Family in the San Francisco Weekly.

Newsweek article about Extreme Downsizing featuring a Family on the Road.

FulltimeRV Family Discusses Life on the Road

Kim (41), her husband Regis (47), daughter Jessica (15), son Regis III (9), and Seb (6), sold their principal home in Cody, Wyoming last May. Regis is a real estate investor who for the last 25 years has taken marginal homes, fixed them up, and turned them into money making opportunities. Kim was a Creative Memories consultant for 13 years, while working together with Regis to manage their properties.

KCRA Interviews The Herzog Family - June 13, 2007

"I'm often asked how our marriage survived after 11 months in an RV. We wonder how anyone's marriage survives without it." -Brad Herzog, author of "States of Mind" and "Small World" and writer for

BNF on ABC Nightline - Friday, Oct 13, 2006

Part I (05:41)Part II (05:17)

Interview of an RV Family

Celia and Jeff, are a family on the road and they were interviewed on the Quirky Nomads podcast. They talk about their bio-diesel bus, working on the road and the good samaritans they have met along the way to their quest for the Redwoods Forest.

More Offsite Articles

New York Times Article about how the Janssen Family manages to travel in an eco-friendly RV