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The Graham's first 50-state trip began on July 4, 1996, when Marlene and Craig Graham packed up their small van and headed across America with their two children, Collier and Courtney. As Marlene succinctly put it: "We wanted to spend more time with our children; wanted to experience America as a family; and were ready for adventure. Our middle-class lives had simply become too complicated. Something had to give. So we did."

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Many RVing families quickly discover how enriching the traveling lifestyle can be, especially when combined with homeschooling. New places, new sounds and new experiences can make an unrivaled learning environment for your kids. But what about volunteering? Can you do this as an RVing family, and if so, how do you go about it?

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Garrett Family

We are on an expedition through South America with our recently imported 4x4 RV from the states. Josh an American and Andrea a German, we have a daughter Lotta, born in Germany. We have set out to travel as much as possible before settling down to a more rooted life once she starts Kindergarten in Germany. We are volunteering throughout the many farming projects in South America and Josh will be offerring his engineering services. Please follow the Garrett's while they travel through South America.