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FOTR since 2018

Hoggatt Family

Four Road Hoggs

We are a family of four that decided we have worked too hard and not spent enough time together as a family. We've rented the house, hit the road, and made it work to travel the continental 48 for a period of at least a year.

FOTR since 2017

Schaber Family

Schaber Family

The Uncommon Road

We're a family of three, traveling the country in a fifth wheel. We wanted to tell a different story with our lives, and living full-time in an RV gives us that opportunity. We enjoy being outdoors, meeting new friends, long walks on the beach, and exploring everything around us.

FOTR since 2017

Kirkpatrick Family

Life of a Nomadic Doula

We are a small family, mama and quickly growing toddler, living and traveling in our class C Yellowstone. We hop around based on who needs us and have started our roadschooling adventure early! We'd love to connect with other families, especially single parents.

FOTR since 2014

Savage Family

The Savages are New Creatures

Were a family who travels while spreading the Truth and Gospel through our music, art and traveling.

FOTR since 2008

Taylor Family

Driven to Educate

The Taylor family spent 2008 traveling around the country "experiencing" American history instead of just reading about it. We rode our bicycles where Paul Revere made his famous midnight ride, climbed Little Round Top at Gettysburg, drove covered wagons west on the Oregon Trail, and built shelters out of fallen lodgepole pines in Yellowstone. See our pictures and read about our journey on our site.