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Teamor family

Teamor-Goolsby Family

Teamor Talk

We are a Christian family enjoying the simple life in our Gypsy Rider III!

FOTR since 2014

Savage Family

The Savages are New Creatures

Were a family who travels while spreading the Truth and Gospel through our music, art and traveling.

FOTR since 2013

Shanks Family

Herd of Turtles

Our family made the decision to do away with most of our ties to "normal" life. We scaled down, sold off nearly all our stuff (including our house) in exchange for freedom. Changing our paradigm (and maybe yours too!) of walking in faith, the meaning of "success", and what we want to pour into our children. Focusing now on what is most important to us-loving and serving God and people. We have been blessed with the opportunity to take a bus that has been converted into a mobile living space and adventure for a while.