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Goza Family

Goza Family


The ever-nomadic Gozas toured as a family non-stop since 1988. And technically they are still on the road. Well, dad Dennis and mom Kimberly are still going, but son Zephyr moved into a stick house, after 16 years of living on wheels. His first since he was 18 months old. Their web site still offers a unique perspective of life on the road.

FOTR since 2011

Costello Family

Parenting from the Stage

"We are a homeschooling family bluegrass and gospel band, singin' for our supper, while living in a converted school bus named "Benny". We purchased Benny in June, sold our house in July, and are took the grand leap, stepping out of the boat in late December of 2011, walking by faith upon the water."

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Weaver Family

Weaver Family


The WEAVER BELIEVER SURVIVAL REVIVAL family band sings and plays in a unique mixture of bluegrass, southern gospel and country music. This has been helpful in bridging the gaps between all three different genres. Their banjos, guitars, fiddle, mandolin, upright bass and acoustic bass instruments allow them to move in the different circles with a high energy, fast tempo, toe tapping type of sound. With their tight harmony and one of a kind family group, it's sure to be a performance not easily forgotten.
They travel all over the country ministering in churches and other venues. Over the past 10 years of their music career, the children's youthful appeal has turned into genuine talent, with several national awards to their credit ~ continually receiving return invitations wherever they go. Having been playfully called "the modern day Partridge Family" or the "von Trapps of southern gospel/bluegrass/country music," they continue to enjoy traveling and spending quality time together encouraging audiences of all ages by "Spreading God's Word ~ Family Style."