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Johnson Family

We are looking at buying an RV to live in for a few years. We hope this will help us get out of debt, as it seems to be cheaper financially. We have 3 kids who we homeschool. My husband will retire from the military in about 3 years!

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RamiesontheroadRoemhildt Family

Ramies on the Road

A family of four with no set roots or 'brick and mortar' house. Husband retiring from military service after 24 years.
Scheduled departure date is June 18, 2016 - the day after the last day of a 'brick and mortar' school. The trip is expected to last one year; the final destination, our new home, is TBD.
We will be supported by the military pension, faith, and a sense of humor. The right family dynamic doesn't hurt, either. Peripherally, we live in an uncertain world with so much ugliness around us everyday. This is one way we can instill values in our children and foster in them an appreciation for God, life and country.

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Johnson Family

We are a military family of four and have been living in our 5th wheel for almost a year. We absolutely love it and get as much adventuring in as possible though right now we only move when the military moves us. We just started blogging about RV life, healthy stuff, and adventuring.

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Wilgus Family

Our Journey towards God, togetherness, and financial freedom

A young full-time RV'ing family with twin preschoolers. Fresh out of the military and seeking a simpler and more manageable life, a closer relationship with God, our family, and conquering our debt!

Military Campgrounds

Military Campgrounds

Military FAM Camps (family campgrounds) are very clean, pretty reasonably priced and usually within walking/biking distance from most Base facilities (gym, BX, chapel, bowling alley, etc.). Many have playgrounds nearby and programs through the Rec Center (although most of these have been converted to Boys and Girls Clubs and require an unreasonable fee!). Another plus is that you can use the Base libraries to check out books.

"We spent a fun 2 months at Patrick AFB (Cocoa Beach-- the beach is an easy 2-mile bike ride from the FAM Camp), a month at a Navy Submarine Base in Georgia (Kings Bay, near Cumberland Island-- a must-see), and we're headed north to explore the D.C. area from Camp Meade in Maryland then New York City from Earle Navy Base in New Jersey. There are military campgrounds near a lot of fun places to explore in the U.S."

~Peggy 4mobilebowes

Check out this link for info on FAMCamps nationwide which has many reviews posted. Some campgrounds allow reservations, others are first-come, first-served. All are restricted to military and retired military personnel.