FOTR - Families on the RoadAirstream

Families who travel with a large number of Children.

FOTR since 2009

Ticknor Tribe

Ticknor Family

Ticknor Tribe

Dad, Mom, and 11 kids heading out for a 'Grand Adventure' while the kids are all still at 'home'. Sold the house, stored the stuff, and are heading south for the winter. Don't quite know where our travels will take us or when we will be back, just hitting the road to make some great memories!

FOTR since 2011


Ochowicz Family

Family of Seven

Thank you Families on the Road. Everyone thought we were crazy for wanting to go on the road. Your website showed us that we are not alone and definitely not crazy! We are from Wisconsin traveling fulltime with 5 daughters, hoping to learn how to sail for the next big adventure.

FOTR since 2011

Golden Family

Golden Gang

We are the Golden Gang! We are a family of seven that "hit the road" a few years ago and LOVE it!! What an awesome country we live in. There is so much to see, explore and be thankful for!

FOTR since 2017

Boudreaux Family

Boudreaux Family


Fulltime family of 7, second generation nomad touring the US, roadschooling our 5 kids. Our goal is to sleep and paddle board in all 50 states!