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How to pass the time during long journeys

Exploring a new city, meeting new people, and trying delicious local cuisine are some of the most rewarding parts of the traveling experience. However, often not so fun are the hours spent in transit in order to get to these amazing destinations. Whether you're going by road, rail, sea or air, or a combination of all four, long journeys soon become tedious and stressful, particularly when you have to wait around for a scheduled departure only to be told that there is a lengthy delay. This stress, of course, only intensifies if you are traveling with children wanting to be kept occupied. To help you out, below are some ideas of how you can pass the time during long journeys.


If you have a book that you have been dying to read but have not had the time to fully dedicate yourself to enjoying it, your eight-hour flight is the perfect opportunity. An absorbing book will soon immerse you in an imaginary world far away from your tedious journey, making the hours of travel fly past, pun intended. You could even choose a book set in your destination, or one written by an author from the country you are visiting, to really get you in the mood for your trip and excited about all the new experiences you will have.

Play games

A pack of cards often appears on packing lists as an indispensable item, and it's easy to see why: there are a great many games you can play with cards, from the aptly-named 'patience' when you're waiting in an airport's departure lounge, to various drinking games for your first night at the hostel. Inviting others to join your card game is a great way of making new friends, whether that's your travel companion on the train or airplane, or breaking the ice at the hostel. Alternatively, there are also plenty of online games for you to enjoy if you would prefer a solo game. You could, for instance, visit Bingo Sites Reviewer to find the best sites to play online bingo.

Listen to music

Music is another excellent method of passing the time and getting you hyped for your destination. That's why you should definitely take the time before your trip to make a special playlist. This could include old favorites and songs you remember from growing up, to help when you are feeling a bit homesick. Also make sure to include music from the country or region you are visiting, particularly if there is a distinctive genre of music - Brazilian samba, Greek rembetika, or French chanson, for instance.


An underrated method of passing the time is to simply look out of the window and let your mind wander. If you are traveling to different locations in your destination country, you might only have explored parts of the country that are geared towards tourism. Traveling via road or rail will take you through areas less-visited by tourists and can give you an idea of daily life, all perfect stimulation for day-dreaming.