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How to Find the Best Travel Deals Last Minute

While there is not much travel happening at the moment, travel companies are getting geared up for when lockdown restrictions start peeling away and taking advantage of the slow ban lifts over the countries and traveling, which are happening over the globe. Because of this, good deals are not hard to find at the moment, that being said, you will still need to get your bargain eyes on to find the best deals around in the shortest amount of time. Follow these tips and tricks on how to find the best travel deals last minute.

Make Sure Your Passport is Up to Date

None of us will be getting very far if our passports are expired, and right now it is particularly difficult to get the updated due to office closures. So before you plan any trips or want to spontaneously fly off on a weekend where we are not on red alert for lockdown, it is important to make sure your travel documents are up to date. This will also include insurance and other essentials, so you are able to leave at short notice.

Be Flexible on Dates

During peak seasons travel companies usually like to hike up prices, however, they have not been afforded the luxury this year, which means the cost of flights has been somewhat of a seesaw. Flight companies are having to draw customers in with unbeatable prices but lockdowns and scarcity remain, so the difference between one date and another could be as much as 1000 dollars.

Check Comparison Sites

One of the easiest ways to find last-minute holiday deals is to go on holiday comparison sites. Often you can check from dates, how many people will be attending, flights, and even down to specific hotel prices. Different holiday sites will often show different prices for the same place, so make sure to refine your search to your specific wants and needs so you can get the best deal. A good tip is to do this with other parts of your travel which can be sorted in advance such as airport parking. can help you sort all of your airport parking needs in advance for a good rate.

Choose More Rural Areas

Tourist areas more often than not have their prices at a premium, which means your holiday can be much more expensive than it needs to be. Look for places in more rural areas or off the beaten track to get much better value for money and, of course, a more authentic experience! There is lots more to learn about the culture of the country you are visiting when you get to visit the outskirts of it, or the paths less trodden, so not only is it cheaper on your wallet, but it is an enriching experience for your mind!

Get Alerts on Your Phone

One way not to miss a deal is to set up fare alerts on your phone! These will notify you the moment a price change comes up for a flight without you having to spend hours checking different sites to get the best flight price. These notification services are often free too! So you are free to carry on with your day while the sites do the work for you.