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In 1966, the world's first SKOOLIE Bus was spotted traveling down Route 101 near the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. The Hippie movement was beginning and the counter coulture was finding alternative ways to travel around the United States.

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Miller Family

Discovering Us Bus

We left our 2800 sq foot home in TN to our college daughter and moved into our 270 sq foot Skoolie. The six younger kids are bus schooled and we all enjoy adventure and exploring the USA. Our business is helping other people enjoy the Skoolie lifestyle. We help other people convert their bus into a home on wheels and show them how to enjoy life on the road.

FOTR since 2012


Scholl Family

The Scholl Bus

We are a family of 5 traveling in our unique converted school bus remodeled "Scholl Bus" style that includes a Popup Camper 2nd level. We believe that anything is possible if you want it bad enough, no matter how out of the ordinary it may be. Our family is looking for adventure around every turn, and loving the freedom of a traveling lifestyle. We plan to enjoy the new places, people, and experiences we are blessed with on this journey.

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Enchanted Gypsy

Enchanted Gypsy Family

Pixie and Moss have been traveling in a converted school bus that runs off of vegetable oil for years.
And now baby Sage makes them a Family on the Road.

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Gordon Family

Bug out Bus

We are a LARGE family that LOVES to travel, we put over 23,000 miles on our modified Blue Bird Bus in the past 2 years. We look forward to the next adventure over the road! Home school, Home birth, Home heal, and that home travels with us everywhere we go!


Bus Conversion Floor Plans by Ben Rosander

Select and Convert your Bus into a motorhome on a Shoestring | Skoolie: Adventures on a Bus

Going Green

Concerns over the cost of gas and the effects on the environment have these RVing families thinking green. Here's what RVing Families do to conserve.

  • Add solar panels
  • Ride bicycles
  • Use low sulfur diesel
  • Use less gas now that we don't commute daily

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