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Roadschooling: Teaching Math

Math can be done as you are tooling down the highway - with or without text books. Grab some eraser markers, like the kind you use on white boards and let your kids work out the problems on the windows.

"I think worksheets are over rated. Use every opportunity for kids to do math to support real life calculation and decisions. Product price versus quantity, cooking recipes will teach kids how to do fractions, ratios, measurement conversion. Teach metric units of measure, and start teaching if X+3=5 what number would X have to be to make that statement true? Would 3 work, etc., etc.? By the age of 10 our boys were doing flash card games as we drove factoring algebraic polynomials in their heads. We would make up some worksheets now and then for adding, multiplying, factoring, fractions, percents, and use some English structure workbooks so I'm not against them."

~Ed Nodland


Bring along the games like Set and Bingo as well as computer math games like Roller Coaster Tycoon.


The Number Devil: A Mathematical Adventure is a good read for the math resistant and math lovers alike.

"When my son was younger (about 8 or 9) he would love to stop at libraries to work on their computers. We didn't have our own back then. His favorite game was Math Blasters. He could spend hours playing and (shhhh!!) learning."

~Kimberly Goza
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