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Rau Boys

Rau Family

In 2006, we decided to pursue a full-time RV lifestyle knowing it would be an experience of a lifetime that would strengthen our bond as a family and emphasize the value of relationships and experiences over material possessions.  We are thankful for the opportunity to travel and fellowship as we homeschool Wagner. 
We hope you enjoy reading about our journey and that it inspires you to recognize even the smallest of your blessings!

FOTR from 2/2007-2011 - added 10/22/2007

Redpath Family

From Here To Uncertainty

We are Bob, Brenna, Owen, and Eleanor. We lived in Los Angeles, and worked in Show Biz, which wasn't working for us. The decision to make an about-turn in our lives turned into to a year-long trip to Europe.

FOTR 6/22/09 -8/2011 - added 3/11/2009


Richards Family

The Great Escape

We are getting ready to set out to see this country, spend time with our children and see friends and family that we miss. Downsizing from 3100 sq ft to ~200 sq ft is going to be an adventure. We are ready to go wherever the Lord will lead us!

FOTR since 6/27/2010 - added 5/28/10

Roberts Family

We are homeschooling in an RV as we travel around the US. Our goal is to see all 50 States and find a home community as we would like to move from Florida. We are a family of five. Two boys, Elton 12 years, Tristin 10 years and our youngest is our daughter Shannon who is 8 years old.

FOTR 8/07 - 11/07 - added 10/20/2007


Robinson Family

Canadian Family Robinson

We are the Robinson Family, Mom, Dad and 4 kids (sometimes 5). We have decided we are ready to do something different. So have decided to sell our 2100 square foot home and buy a 5th wheel to move into. We want to spend more time as a family while the kids are young and explore together. Dad will work on the road as we travel and we will homeschool the kids.

FOTR since 8/30/2008 - added 8/3/2008

Rogers Family

Life is a treasure hunt, the people we meet are the gems.

After living in our RV for the last 2 1/2 years we have learned lots of good life lessons, appreciate how simple life really has to be, and value all the things we do not need to have to be completely happy and satisfied.  Even thou we are down to just the 5 of us, plus 3 pets we enjoy our RV routine and lifestyle greatly.  We have been staying in the Northwest region and are now setting our sites to southern temperatures in the coming months.  Because of our travels we now have children that are in Hawaii, Washington, Idaho and Montana makes us parents of the Northwest . We love to see how the path before us is prepared and our every need is always met.

FOTR since 3/1/2009 - added 10/1/08

Ruge Family

Ruge Family

We are the Roving Ruges, and began traveling full time in July 2007. Our home was a Coleman pop up tent trailer and whatever campground we fancy. We are lovers of wilderness, birds, baseball and horse back riding, and are traveling through the beauty spots in Canada, the U.S., and Mexico. Our plan is to travel for about a year and see where we are ...'all who wander are not lost!'

Russell Family

RV Mama

Just visiting your blog for the first time! We just recently won an a Passport 2910 BH RV from the Keystone Rv Redisvover America Sweepstakes, so we are new and trying to learn as much as we can! We're in Pennsylvania! We just started a blog. Please visit us too! Look forward to more posts from you guys! Happy Camping!

FOTR since 04/01/12 - added 1/12/12


Ryan Family

We are excited to hit the road with our 5 kids. We know how fast kids grow up and we want to make the most of these precious years with them. Taking some time off to travel the US with them are memories we will all remember for a lifetime. We are so excited to "roadschool" and know that we will all learn so much on this adventure. We are excited to see what God has planned for our family and we look forward to meeting families who are traveling as well.

FOTR since 11/15/09 - added 10/21/09

Taylor Family

Puzzled. Putting together life's pieces, one adventure at a time!

We are taking the next year to tour the country and make the "life of a travelling consultant" work FOR us. No more airport goodbyes. The whole family is moving into our RV "Puzzled" on May 15th and hitting the road!

going FOTR 5/15/2011 - added 4/5/2011

Family on Bikes

Sathre-Vogel / Family on a Bike

A Wayward Journey

The Sathre-Vogel Family is just your normal, everyday, American family who happens to be following their dreams and chasing rainbows on their bicycles with their twins. In June 2008 they set off to break a World Record! Follow their journey as they ride bikes from Alaska to Argentina and into the Guinness World Book of Records.

Watch the Sathre-Vogel Family talk about their epic bike ride on Good Morning America. They were also featured in Parade Magazine (8/13/2010)

FOTR 6/2008 to 6/2010 - added 2/19/2007

Sauers Family

Sauers on Mission

So, in September 2007 Michael came to me (Tina) and said "Hey honey. I think we should sell everything and travel around all over North America for a year. Since I am used to the silly things he comes up with, I simply rolled my eyes and went back to my book. Somehow though, the idea stuck and I came to him and said, "OK, but I think that it should be a mission trip and a family vacation combined." We have had varied reactions to this venture, from tears to "WOW.that is our dream trip!" So now here we are. The house is sold, we bought the truck, we bought the trailer, we have the home school materials and some "lovely" orange and floral "trip dishes" and a collapsible colander. What more could we need?! Did I mention that I have always SWORN that I would NEVER homeschool? I guess we are all in for a year of change. We'll be blogging all about it here, so check it out from time to time.

FOTR since 6/30/2008-4/2009 - added 6/15/2008

Schern Family

Home is Where We Are

By most measures, we are a normal young American family living an extraordinary life. Gregory, our crazy, entrepreneurial and sometimes genius father leads the gang with silly ideas and a creative outlook on life. (hmm, I wonder who's writing the about us page) Melanie, the supporting cool cat finds a way to maintain a sense of calm in the most chaotic winds. Jaisa (4) and Camden (2) are the tornados causing the mayhem with smiles on their faces the whole time.

FOTR since 11/8/08 -added 11/30/2008


Schlater Family

We sold our house and bought a 1995 MCI bus that we converted into an RV. We'd been living in it since September of 2007. We have been camping at Little Creek Amphibious Base campground in Virginia Beach, Va. 7 minute walking distance from Tom's work. Tom is retiring from the Navy at the end of August then we will start traveling. We are both musicians. I, (Rose), sing and play the guitar and Tom plays the guitar. We just started homeschooling our boys: Jomar, 9 and Joshua, 6 this year. We also have 2 grown up boys: Jason, 24 and Josiah, 21 who are now on their own.

FOTR since 9/01/08 - added 6/8/08


Sepulveda Family

We are the Sepulveda's, a family of six embracing the wide open. On April 18, 2007 we sold our house and bought a 2000 Monaco La Palma 36 feet with two slides. The plan: several stops to visit family then to Eureka, CA for Mom to work as a travel nurse for a thirteen week assignment. After that, who knows where we'll go?

FOTR 4/2007-4/2008; added 9/25/2007

Shaw Family

Pacific Northwest Nomads

One day not long ago, after yet another trek cross country, it dawned on us. Why not embrace the inner nomad? After several short spurts on the road in recent years, we've given up on stick built and will be setting off on a journey of friends, family, and discovery. Strong believers in community, we will be lending a helping hand whenever the opportunity arises.

FOTR since 2/14/2009 - added 1/30/09

Sholl Family


It all started about 11 yrs ago when we decided to take a chance and travel with his job! So far its the best thing we've done! 11 yrs later and one child later, we're still doing it and enjoying what life brings us! Nothing like hands on learning with the open road! I think as a family we've seen more and done more then most families there entire lives!

FOTR 9/1998 - 1/23/09


Organic Tribe Family

We are a family that has chose to live the simple life! Freedom....... no strings attached! We are not missing the mortgage payment. We love seeing the country and meeting all kinds of people! We are a mom & dad, 4 kiddos, 2 dogs and a cat in our big old bus. Old school punk rock hippies just kickin it!

FOTR since 9/6/08 - added 10/16/2008

Smith Family

Smith Family RVing

We're a family of 5 with and our dog. We hit the open road Christmas day of 2008. We are home schooling our two teens and trying to keep our toddler active and out of trouble. We're searching for the perfect place for us to live and were not rushing the process.

FOTR since 12/25/2008 - added 9/6/2009

Smith Family


I'm Jana, a single mom who's unschooling myself and living a joyFULLY expanded life with 2 of my 4 sons all of whom are adopted. We were living and loving life in a tractor trailer until Aug 2008 when we bought an old converted school bus but I moved into a sticks and brick house in Santa Barbara/Ventura near family for 7 mos but here we are on our way back to our bus in OK via tent camping in Humboldt Co, CA--OR, WA, ID, MT (Yellowstone), Las Vegas for a week and then back home to our "wheels" on the bus that go round and round!! We'll see you a'round' :)

FOTR since 5/15/2009 - added 5/20/09

Smith Family

Pipeline Extraordinaire

We are a family of Mom (Amanda), Dad (Todd), one daughter (Shelby) a baby on the way, our fish (Bob) and one Jack Russell (Sam). We travel for my husbands job as a pipeline welder. We have been on the road since we were married in 2004 and see no end at this time. I plan on roadschooling our children so that we can be together even after our children reach school age.

FOTR since 2004 - added 3/24/2008

Smith Family

The Smith Family traveled fulltime with the carnival doing ministry.

Smythe Family

The planning had taken years and the preparation equally as long. But, when God decided to move, it only took days to make it a reality. Following God is always an adventure. Follow along with the Smythe Family as we travel the roads in a motor home.

FOTR 8/2007 - 4/2010 - added 9/2/2007

Spring Landon Airstream

Spring/Landon Family

Skippin' Town: A family, an Airstream, America

Convinced that a year in cold, rainy London was no way to spend quality time with their daughters, Claire Landon and Daniel Spring set their sights on America. The move into a 17'' 1966 Airstream Caravel took a bit of adjustment for preschooler Sophia, but life on the road is all baby Lulu knows.

FOTR since 1/07/09 - added 1/18/10


Streett Family


The Streett family left Southern California in August 2007 and traveled across the country for 14 months. They road schooled their boys, Sawyer and Robby in the greatest classroom they could find, the open road! Besides simplifying their lives, they were in search of a new place to put down roots. They found it on the Olympic Peninsula of Washington state. Check them out at www.rvgypsies.us.

FOTR 8/2007 - 10/17/2008 : added 12/19/2007 - update 9/20/09

Swartz Family

Tumblewagon and Mosey Ho.me

We're a young family living in a 29' Dutchmen and traveling the US fulltime. Olivia is the mom and she is originally from South Africa, Nathan & our son, Tristan, are from Pittsburgh, PA. We're web designers, which keeps us fed and in parks. We like to make videos and write about our experiences over there at our website. :)

FOTR since 8/1/2008 - added 11/6/2008

Taylor Family

Driven to Educate

The Taylor family spent 2008 traveling around the country "experiencing" American history instead of just reading about it. We rode our bicycles where Paul Revere made his famous midnight ride, climbed Little Round Top at Gettysburg, drove covered wagons west on the Oregon Trail, and built shelters out of fallen lodgepole pines in Yellowstone. See our pictures and read about our journey on our site.

FOTR since 3/10/2008 - added 12/20/2007

Three on the Road

We're a homeschooling family of three traveling across country, in a Four Winds, Class C, RV with one miniature Dachshund and a Ferret. We headed out "On The Road" to learn more about America, the history, it's people and ourselves!

FOTR since 8/07 - 11/07 - added 9/2/2007

Trustman Family

We are (were) exploring the US, one little bit at a time.

FOTR since 10/2006 - 5/2007

Tyson  Family

Tyson Family

Have School Will Travel

Join Mark, Denise and Vance Tyson as we tour the Western United States for 6 months in our travel trailer. Following a 3 month New England camping trip in 2006, we are traveling once again to enhance Vance's homeschool education - the open road is our classroom. Have School, Will Travel!

FOTR Fall 2006 - added 9/2/2007


Wahl Family

Wahls Across America

We are a family of 5. I have recently retired from the US Air Force, and we are on a mission to show our 3 kids the country that I proudly served for 22 years! We want to rediscover friends and family, and to search for a place to call home.

FOTR since 09/08 - added 11/10/08

The Wahls in USA TODAY (5/18/09)


Wallace Family

Wallaces On Wheels

A family of 6 moves into a motorhome with hopes to discover themselves as well as the diverse places, people, and history of the U.S. as we travel the U.S. in search of our own version of the 'American dream'.

"One Extreme Home Makeover and it's Road Rules, family style"

FOTR since 11/09 - added 11/4/09

Weatherford Family

We are a family of four with young kids (born 2006 and 2008) who found ourselves accumulating Stuff at an alarming rate. We wanted to take the chance to focus on sharing time and experiences with each other rather than continue the pursuit of more Stuff. Why wait 40 years for retirement? Follow our blog to learn more!

FOTR since 6/20/09 - added 4/22/09


Welch Family

Living Life Out of the Box

We are a family of four, Dad, Mom, son (7) and daughter (9) along with our dog and cat. Dad was a partner at a CPA firm, Mom was a Soccer Mom. The kids were growing up faster than we could believe. Dad was working tremendous hours, Mom was karting the kids all over the place - no family time. After looking at what was really important we took the plunge into this wonderful journey to strengthen our bond as a family and to develop within our children a love for learning.

FOTR 2/09/2009 to 7/09/2009 - added 3/14/2009

Buxcel - Wild Tri

Wild Tribe Family

Hola! We're John, Karen, Saylor, Stone and Sage. Our three sons have inspired us to live life FAR outside of the box and we have no plans of ever hopping back in. Life can be whatever you make it...never buy into the "well, you can't do *that*" lie! Life is Good... Enjoy the Journey!

FOTR since 8/06 - added 1/22/09

Williams Family

Triple On Tour

Hello there! We are the Williams Family, Dorrie, Mike and 9-year old Gregory out on an open-ended bicycling adventure on our Santana triple bicycle! We are originally from Northern California but started the United States leg of our journey in eastern Oregon in July 2009 and we are riding east on Adventure Cycling's TransAmerica Trail. We like to ride about 40-50 miles a day but we have ridden as many as 80 miles in one day. One of our biggest accomplishments so far is climbing Hoosier Pass in Colorado at 11,542 feet! Fortunately we did it before it snowed! The U.S. leg will end in Yorktown, Virginia unless the weather turns really bad and we have to head south. The approximately 4,000 miles will take about 4 months. After spending the holidays with Grandma and Grandpa in North Carolina we plan to go to Australia and New Zealand for the winter (it is summer down there). Beyond that we are not sure. We will wait and see!

FOTR 6/20/2009-7/2010 - added 10/8/09


Williams Family

Little Roadschoolhouse

We are a family of 4, Marty, Kelley, Sara, and Samantha. When not at a client site, we go where the weather is nice and there are sites to see. The family travels with Dad's business, who spends 50% of the time working on location for the company and the other 50% working from the motorhome over the internet.

FOTR since 3/1/2007 - added 5/9/2007


Wyglendowski Family

Traveling With the Wys

Two high school teachers, one resigned the other on sabbatical. Sold home, moved into camper full time, had baby, and traveled the country visiting family and friends and completing studies.

FOTR since 1/25/11 - added 4/12/11

Zen There were 3 Fulltimers

Laurie, Chris, and Garrett were on the road for a little over a year.

FOTR 7/2006 - 8/2007

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