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Traveling Families: N-R

Newman Family

Gypsy Soul

We have been fulltiming since our daughter was 6 weeks old, so almost 3 years. We are going cross Canada in June and are looking to connect with other families. We are vegan and will be building a straw bale home sometime next year. So we are also looking for straw bale build opportunities and wwoofing opportunities. Look forward to connecting. Blessings!

FOTR since 06/15/16 - added 2/3/2016

Nims Family

New School Nomads

We are a family of four who decided to set out on an adventure together. We hit the road in October 2011 and "plan" to hit all 48 contiguous states in a year. After that who knows! Dad runs our business, Nims Media, from our 5th wheel or truck passenger seat while simutaneously praying for our lives. Mom homeschools the boys, writes blogs and redefines "home" workouts. We love to meet new people, please stop by and say Hi!~

FOTR since 12/17/2011

Oatman Family

We are a family of 5 traveling the country with our 3 kids roadschooling, unschooling and seeing all that our country has to offer. We don't know what the future holds but as a family we will conquer each day as it comes. This is the story of our journey and the path that lays before us.

FOTR since 7/01/2014 - added 7/1/2014


Ochowicz Family

Family of Seven

Thank you FOTR. Everyone thought we were crazy for wanting to go on the road. Your website showed us that we are not alone and definitely not crazy! We are from Wisconsin traveling fulltime with 5 daughters, hoping to learn how to sail for the next big adventure.

FOTR since 10/17/2011

Paisey Family

This Paisey Life

We are a family of four traveling the USA in a Jayco Travel Trailer. Our family dreamed of this adventure for almost 7 years before realizing our dream. We have just moved back from Saudi Arabia where we spent the last 6 years.

FOTR since 01/27/14 - added 1/28/2014

Pascal Family

4 Monkeys and a Dog! My Beautiful Wife, 5 year old boy and 4 year old Girl and our Pitbull Lulu are planning on hitting the road for a 1 year trip. Travel and live out of the RV for 1 year and if we find a place we fall in love with we may decide to move their afterwards. Looking to live life, instead of slaving to work. We both work about 80+ hours a week so we are looking to make major life changes and can't wait to hit the road in about 10 more months.

FOTR since 03/4/16 - added 3/14/2016

Parks Family

Parked by A. Parks

Crazy parents of 4 children and a cat and dog going to live at a lake in an RV for at least a year until we can buy property and eventually build our own home and live debt free. This is the start of what was a 4 year plan, but has since turned into a 5 year plan. We are super excited to get started! :)

FOTR since 07/01/14 - added 6/13/2014

7as1.com Family

The Manner of Happiness

The Perry family of 7 on a 2 year adventure around the United States and then maybe more. Join us on our journey.

FOTR since 6/29/2012 - added 7/16/2012

Pelayo Family

Life is our adventure

Our family includes 4 kids, mom and dad and a cute doggy named reyna. We have decided we wanted to spend our days traveling, learning, seeing new places and meeting new people. We still have a long way to go but the projected date will be at the end of this school year.

FOTR since 05/1/2013 - added 10/1/2012

Perry Family


We decided to give up our busy life and hit the road to visit as many states as we can with our boy girl twins and beagle Cloe. We are trying to visit all the capitals on our way.

FOTR since 3/1/2012 - added 3/15/12

Reay Family

Reays on the Road

We are a family of 4 working and learning while traveling the US. We are traveling around the United States on a mission to visit the capitol building in each state, visit all of the national parks, and to visit as many friends, family, and fun places along the way as we can.

FOTR since 12/14/2011

Renfrow Hickman

Renfrow Hickman Family

Barefoot and Bookish

Cami Renfrow and Trent Hickman have sold their house in beloved homestate Montana, fixed up an old RV with the small profit, and hit the road with the goals of picking up some new skills, building a greater sense of progressive community, and paring down the material distractions. Roadschooling, Mazie Jane and Holt are eager to explore in just about any landscape. We are coming to find that a sense of community and contribution can flourish even within a life on the move. When we are free to flow with the day's needs we have found ongoing opportunities to relate with other people where what we have to share - in skills or knowledge or effort or presence - is needed and welcome. Timing is everything, and this life choice seems to be freeing us up to be in the right place at the right time more than living in a spacious/confining/secure/stagnant house did. For now, this is just right.

FOTR since 6/2009 - added 11/7/09

Robinson Family


Following our dreams and living on the road. Me the wife, three kids and three dogs. Its a motley crew for sure but we wouldn\'t have it any other way.

FOTR since 10/3/2015 - added 10/9/2015

Robinson Family

My husband and I have 5 children and our cat and are starting on the road within the next two months. We have 2 teen girls and 3 boys under the age of 12. My husband is a roofing contractor and we have to travel for work. We have a 32 foot travel trailer . We will be on the road for the next couple of years. Selling our home and everything in it!

FOTR since 10/2014 - added 8/28/2014

Rodenbaugh Family

Enjoying the Simple Life

Our journey began when we decided that what really matters to us was being together as a family. So we put all our stuff in storage, bought our 36 foot 5th wheel and hit the road to travel and work as a family. We have 8 children, but only 4 that travel with us ( we have a few that are out-of-the-nest) and we are just Enjoying the Simple Life!

FOTR since 04/28/11 - added 2/3/2012

Rossitto Family


Can a girl raised in Beverly Hills live and work fulltime with her family of four in a 36' Class A Motorhome? Can she be a Roadschool Mom, Career Woman, Loving Wife AND discover the meaning of life out on the road? WILL OUR FAMILY SURVIVE?! We will see....

FOTR since 01/01/2015 - added 10/24/2014

Round the World with Us Family

We are an ordinary family who has decided to travel round the world for a year backpacking, volunteering, blogging to promote greater cultural understanding and raising funds for humanitarian projects. My name is Teresa, and my children are Jennifer, Meagan, Alex and Bella - all teenagers or close to it.

FOTR since 8/1/10 - added 9/24/10


Rowley Gang Family

Rowley Adventures

On the road to bring our ministry (Believer's Bridge) to other places so they can be aware of the needs in the mountains of Peru. Family of 5, 3 boys who are homeschooled.

FOTR since 11/15/10 - added 3/27/2011

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