Big Bunkhouse or Big Living Room?
Posted 2015-02-04 11:18 AM (#7806)
Subject: Big Bunkhouse or Big Living Room?

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We're planning a year trip, my wife, I and our then to be seven year old son.

We're looking at two fifthwheels, one, the Wildcat 334BH has a bathroom and a half and a large bunk room in the rear, but not much of a living room. We would probably remove the couch in that bunkroom and put a desk there for home schooling (and maybe some of my work?).

The other, a Sandpiper 371REBH has a small bunkroom toward the front and only one bathroom and the rear functions as a more genuine living room with lots of light.

Here's my concern or question. Would it be better to have a large second bedroom that either my boy or one of us could retreat to for privacy or have a nice airy living room with just a small bedroom for my boy that he probably wouldn't do much in other than sleep?

Thoughts? Advice? I know this is very individual, but I'd still like to hear what you think.
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