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We are Mom, Dad, and a couple of kiddos. Traveling, working, schooling, and having a great time with life! "The world is a magical place, choose your own adventure"

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ColliersColliers Family

Meet the Colliers

Hi! We're the Colliers. For the past 2 ˝ years we've traveled fulltime with our 4 children, both with and without the RV- and have enjoyed each and every moment. We decided to homeschool our kids, which allows the whole family to learn new things wherever we are at the present time and discover the surrounding areas in depth. While we travel, Antwon & I workamp® for income and a FHU, run an online business and write articles about this awesome lifestyle, for publications within the RV community.

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Mehaffey Family

Mommy and me in the rv

Daddy is a contracted worker in the avionics field and the possibility of lay offs is high. When a new job came daddy spent weeks alone while mommy packed, and when the job ended mommy had to deal with broken leases and home school and lacing it all up again while researching where we might end up next. A Life in the road already was just simplified by buying the 5th wheel! So far we love it. We still dream of a permanent residence and a job for daddy that doesn't mean unexpected lay offs but for now we are halt to be together with out the stuff and in a much more simple life style with our children.

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Bontrager Family

Life's a Trip

A family of seven traveling the U.S. in a fifth wheel. Dad works in the oilfield and Mom works hard keeping the kids and holding down the fort.