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New to the Road

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Smith Family

Single Mom with two kids 10 & 12 venturing for a year on the road. Looking for other families to hook up with along the way so my girls and I can make friends and learn from some more experienced travellers.

FOTR since 2017

Smiley Family

New to the road but a truck and a 32ft camper and sold our house. We are excited to see what adventures await!!

FOTR since 2017

Jury Family

We are living in our 35 foot camper full time with our 2 dogs and 1 cat. We love the outdoors and will be mostly staying in State Parks. We look forward to meeting other families on the road!

FOTR since 2017

Krein Family

Margarita Krein

We are starting our trip through all states. I'm a violinist who is passionate about environment, my husband is a filmmaker with similar passions. So we started a music/environment youtube channel. We have two kids whom we have been homeschooling for a while even before the trip. Also we have four puppies! :)

FOTR since 2017

Chambers Family

Dad, mom, 3 kids, homeschoolers, tired of the same-old. So we listed our house, found a bus, and hope to hit the road in June! I have my husband convinced to go coast-to-coast in Canada...but I am going to work on him to spend time in the States as well ;)