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Recommended Products for those on the Road or getting ready to go!

Camco TastePure Water Filter with Flexable Hose Protector | Camco 22833 Premium Drinking Water Hose (5/8"ID x 25')
Rhinoflex 15' RV Sewer Hose Kit with Swivel Fittings | Brass Water Pressure Regulator
VELCRO Brand - ONE-WRAP Thin Ties: Reusable, Light Duty - 8" x 1/2" Ties, 25 Ct. | Black Scott Rapid Dissolve Bath Tissue, 4 Count (Pack of 12)

Most Popular Fall/Winter Products for Families on the Road!

Weber 50060001 Q1000 Liquid Propane Grill | Weber Q Vinyl Cover for Baby, Q100, Q120, Q1000, Q1200
BBQ Grill Tools Set with 16 Barbecue Accessories -Perfect Christmas Gifts Idea -Stainless Steel Utensils with Aluminium Case- Men Complete Outdoor Grilling Kit for Dad
InnoGear MT-057 Solar Lights Spotlight Outdoor Landscape Lighting Waterproof Wall Light Security Night Lights, Pack of 2

Featured Author

Dawn of the Guardian
by Réka Kaponay

Dawn of the Gaurdian

Deep in the heart of Andalusia on the outskirts of the ancient towering walls of Arcos de la Frontera is a seemingly quiet town, which holds a chillingly malevolent secret. Once revealed it will challenge the very fabrics of what we consider reality to be.

Born of the Dream, Fuko (short for Fukushima), a two-and-half-year-old Patterdale Terrier, holds the key to this mystery and upon him is thrust the responsibility of the Guardian, a role that plunges him into the thick of an adventure that spans the vastness of time and the dimensions of existence.

Will Fuko be able to navigate the treacherous path of becoming the fully fledged Guardian, all while protecting his adopted dog family and facing an energy so entangled in the Dream that it threatens to envelop and enslave all of humanity, the animal domain, and all of existence with it?

Told through rich allegory, Dawn of the Guardian offers readers a journey into the world of lucid dreaming through an adventurous, fun-filled, and often spine-chilling tale.

Réka KaponayAbout the Author

Réka Kaponay is a 15-year-old passionate writer and blogger, turning her dream of becoming a professional writer and published author into reality at the age of 14. At 12 years of age, Réka was inspired by a trip to Andalusia, Spain, to write her first full-length adventure-mystery novel. Dawn of the Guardian, published on 31st March 2016.

Réka began writing at a very early age creating short stories and entering local writing competitions. Her love for relating stories intensified when, in 2012, her family started out on a continuous world-traveling journey of learning and exploration. She has since traveled to 34 countries on six continents and now has a readership of over 15,000 people to her blog Dreamtime Traveler.

Réka's journey has been one of learning and listening to people's stories, immersing herself in their mindset, viewpoint and understanding of the world. This is translated in her book, through the telling of the adventure-mystery tale of Fuko, the unlikely Patterdale Terrier, who has been chosen as 'The Guardian', all of which is told through entertaining rich allegory, intended to engage and inspire young people to get out there and realise their dreams.

After the release of her book, Réka and her family are continuing their world journey of learning, as well as a global promotional tour of her book, while commencing the sequel to Dawn of the Guardian!

This is a list of helpful resources for families interested in fulltiming or RVing for extended periods.

  • Gift Ideas forRV Families. What to get those on the road for the holidays and birthdays.
  • The Article Index leads to a wealth of information and personal accounts about fulltime RVing as a family.
  • The section on General Information on RVing provides links to useful sites.
  • Buying an RV links to sites about new and used RVs, bus conversions, customizing RV's, trucks and RV rentals.
  • Choosing an RV has some helpful information about choosing an RV for family travel.
  • Travel Information (US, Canada, Mexico)
  • Watch a movie on your computer and never leave the RV. No need to run to RedBox or play tag with your mail as it tries to find you on the road.

Also be sure to visit our "Life on the Road" section for even more resources.

Recommended Products for those special Pets on the Road!

This Week's Special

The Mobile Internet Handbook: 2016 US Rvers Edition by Chris Dunphy

Map the Country with these Permanent State Stickers | Rand McNally Road Atlas | Off the Beaten Path

Featured Product

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AcuRite Color Digital Thermometer with Indoor/Outdoor Temperature and Humidity
Model: 00384RM

Overview: This AcuRite Digital Thermometer features, reliable temperature and humidity readings. Its illustrated color LCD screen displays the current indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity. It also features trend indicator arrows, daily high and low records, moon phase, time and date. The integrated Intelli-Time clock automatically updates itself for Daylight Savings Time(DST). A sleek, stylish display stands upright for tabletop and is also wall-mountable. The outdoor sensor features powerful wireless technology, a weather-resistant design and an integrated hanger for easy mounting. It also comes with a One-year limited warranty.

The key Digital Thermometer Color Display features are:

  • Illuminated color display with auto-dimming brightness
  • Indoor/Outdoor temperature (degrees Fahrenheit and Celsius) with trend arrows
  • Indoor/Outdoor humidity (%RH)
  • Moon phase
  • Frost icon indicates when temperatures are below freezing
  • Intelli-Time clock & Date (month/day/day of week)
  • Clock automatically adjusts for Daylight Savings Time (DST)
  • Totally wireless tabletop or wall-mountable design
  • Indicator for wireless sensor signal strength
  • Electric-powered with optional battery backup

The key Wireless Thermometer and Humidity Sensor features are:

  • Measures temperature and humidity
  • Strong wireless range up to 330 feet (100 meters)
  • Transmits data every 16 seconds
  • Durable, all-weather construction
  • Easy installation includes integrated hanger

This digital thermometer has a very good looking color display and as soon as I put the batteries in, it lit up perfectly and projects a cool vibe on the counter in the kitchen area. The outside temperature is displayed first with the relative humidity below. At a quick glance one can determine if they should wear flip flops or a winter jacket. The frost icon will display when temperatures are below freezing.
The digital clock is clean and bright, while the day of the week is a little tough to read. The stand holds the unit upright and although I don't need to know the phases of the moon, this still looks cool.
The indoor temperature works great and having the relative humidity for inside the RV is a bonus. Excess moisture in your RV can cause mold to grow, wood to rot, and metallic parts to quickly corrode. You want to keep your inside relative humidity between 30% and 50%, so this feature is really handy.
The packaging states that it requires 5 "AA" batteries, but it is really 2 "AA" and 3 "AAA" batteries. The batteries are a backup power source to preserve records in the event of a power outage and the power adapter is recommended as the primary source to enjoy the full functionality of the product. When traveling, just unplug the unit, place it in a safe location and when back on shore power just plug the unit back in.
All in all, the Acurite Digital Thermometer performs well, looks great and sells for $44.99.